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About Apeiro Design

Creativity Unbound

Collaborative Partners

Deep, Specialized Expertise

We are a multi-disciplinary consultancy, designing theatres, innovative performance environments, architectural lighting and AV technology nationally and internationally. Our holistic approach to the integration of design, functionality, technology and sustainability has produced successful projects world-wide for our diverse client groups.

Meet Our Team

Our History

From Auerbach to Apeiro Design

Founded in 1972, we grew from a regional entity to a globally recognized consulting firm with an extensive portfolio of award-winning projects and offices across the United States. You may know us as Auerbach Pollock Friedlander and Auerbach Glasow, designers and consulting experts in our fields of theatre/performance environments, architectural lighting and AV technology. Honoring our past, anticipating with excitement our next 50 years, we are now Apeiro Design.

Our Values


Hard work is the common denominator of all things great in this world. Don’t shy away because the work is difficult, lean in because the result changes people’s lives.


Every environment we work on is an opportunity to make someone’s life experience better: we believe in the power of spaces to excite, unify, and inspire the people using them.


We are in the business of giving life to ideas and form to visions. Anything that is worth creating, is worth creating artfully.


Pioneering the way for the latest technology and ideas in our industry means we are consistently designing the best experiences for our clients.


In a world where all things seem to come and go in the blink of an eye, we strive to create something so good that it stands the test of time.

Our Vision

Approach to Our Work

Apeiro Design creates environments that elevate the human experience. We design consistently successful, artistic and sophisticated technological solutions to enhance our clients’ projects.

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Our People

We are designers, consultants, creators, specialists.

Collaboration makes us who we are. Our team of 30+ individuals drives us and our clients to pursue design excellence. Our commitment to creating innovative solutions to complex problems is behind our incredible team.

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