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Theatre Design / AV Technology

Wuxi Taihu Show Theatre

The immersive experience for 2,000 patrons blurs the line between performance and spectacle with special effects that transport the audience into the world of the show.

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Wuxi Taihu Show Theatre


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The design of the Wuxi Taihu Show Theatre draws inspiration from bamboo forests, creating a captivating atmosphere where visitors are transported into a world of fantasy.


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Patrons are treated to breathtaking shows, made possible in part by an advanced video and projection system. This system utilizes tracking cameras and infrared emitter devices to seamlessly map images onto moving scenery, LED video walls, and even the performers themselves.


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At the Wuxi Taihu Show Theatre, the Dragone Splendor production seamlessly merge an ancient Chinese story of love and war with cutting-edge technology, creating a harmonious fusion that captivates audiences.

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Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China


Theatre/Performance Environments / AV Technology


2,000 Seats


Sunac China Holdings Ltd. (Client) / SCA | Steven Chilton Architects (Façade Designer) / Tongji Architectural Design and Research Institute (Architect)

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Pre-Architectural Facility Planning / Facility Programming / Theatre Design / Theatrical Lighting System / Theatrical Rigging System / Theatrical Automation Controls / Stage Lift / Machinery Design / Special Effects System / Water Effects / Audio and Video Systems