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Apple Town Hall

Huadu, Guangzhou, China

Sunac Guangzhou Grand Theatre

Guangzhou, the birthplace of the ‘Silk Road on the Sea’, has flourished since the Han Dynasty. As a home for traditional and contemporary artists, Guangzhou has been a center for the both arts and trading.

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Theatre/Performance Environments Services

Pre-Architectural Facility Planning

Existing conditions, utilization and needs assessment. Program/Concept development in advance of architectural selection.

Facility Programming

Performance facility area and functional program development, conceptual planning, adjacency and massing sketches.

Theatre Design

Performance environments, auditoriums, immersive/interactive spaces and public, performer and technical support spaces.

Theatrical Lighting Systems

Theatrical, presentation and event lighting systems. Dimming, switching, controls and power/data infrastructure.

Theatrical Rigging Systems

Manual and automated rigging systems, including complex 3D performer and heavy scenery flying.

Theatrical Automation Controls

Design and specification for automated rigging and machinery system controls including sophisticated integrated systems.

Stage Machinery

Automated moving stage elements, wagons, turntables, slip stages and traps for scenic and performer effects.

Audio and Video Systems

AV transport infrastructure, DSP and sound reinforcement and control systems and video direct view and projection systems.

Broadcast Systems

Audio and video broadcast infrastructure, studios and control rooms for educational theatre and corporate facilities.

Stage Lifts

Orchestra riser and pit lifts, wet/dry stage lifts including high speed performer effect lifts.

Variable Architecture

Design, development and specification of large automated moving elements to create unique changeable environments.

Special Effects Systems

Installed show effect systems and infrastructure including fire, pyrotechnic, LN2 fog, smoke, haze and water.

Theatrical Pool Systems

Pool systems for “wet shows” including pump, filtration, supply and water storage systems. 

Water Effects

Fountain, cascades water/Flame jets for interior and exterior venues.

Variable Acoustic Systems

Manual and automated variable absorption and electronic enhancement systems required by acousticians for variable acoustical environments.

Orchestra Enclosures

Recital and full orchestra shells with traditional ceiling and tower systems or bespoke automated unit and variable enclosures.

The foundation of quality in practice and design that has been established allows us to continue to innovate and provide the level of service that distinguishes the firm.

Steve Friedlander, CEO | Principal